Original art for your home

There’s nothing like having an original piece of art on your wall – knowing that every brushstroke was applied with a touch of trepidation and a big dollop of joy. The result is always unique and special.

Rain down

Acrylic/spray paint on canvas (33cm x 43cm with black floater frame)

You can almost feel the rain drops smattering on the window in this graffiti-inspired abstract. The black frame creates a solid finish, a contrast to the soft shapes and colours within.

Bluebell Wood

Watercolour/ink on paper (45cm x 54cm with mount and white woodgrain frame)

I painted this during the first year of lockdowns because so many of us were uplifted by a walk in the woods. You can see me start to bring together the colours and composition in this video.

Just ’cause you feel it (diptych)

Mixed media on birch panels (each panel is 50cm x 50cm unframed)
£150 each or £275 for both

Beautiful blues, and muted pink and yellow sing together in this strangely calm diptych. Spray paint, acrylics, oil pastels, drips and scratches create a fascinating surface that you’ll want to get lost in.

St Ives on the rocks

Mixed media on paper (44cm x 44cm with white frame)

Full of unusual shapes and visual texture, this mixed media piece combines the colours of the seaside with an abstract twist.

Cosy corner

Mixed media on wooden panel (40cm x 40cm unframed)

Collage and clean lines give this piece a fresh and funky feel. It will make you want to put a log on the fire and settle down with a book and blanket.

This is also available as a print (see below).

Moody Blooms


Lone Protea


Prints for your wall

Almost better than the real thing – prints are a very affordable way to brighten up your walls!

Post and packaging is included in the price. If you’d like to buy more than one, drop me a line at katie@katiejonesuk.com and I’ll reduce the cost and send them together.

Vintage vase

20cm x 25cm print
£13.50 (includes p&p)

I wanted to give this still life a vintage feel, so chose the colours with this in mind. The Ercol-style chair and framed vinyl also help to give it a retro vibe. This looks great with a mount and black frame – and paired with the print below.

Forest on fire

20cm x 25cm print
£11.50 (includes p&p)

This print captures the warmth and cosiness of autumn and will add a pop of colour to any room. So vibrant you’ll think it’s glowing.

Bluebell wood

30cm x 21cm print
£13.50 (includes p&p)

Inspired by Dockey Woods, part of the Ashridge Estate, this print combines the boldness of inks with the softness of watercolours to evoke this special time of the year.

22 minutes to 3

30cm x 30cm print
£16.50 (includes p&p)

More vintage vibes, with a collage twist, in this still life that’s all about the detail. Lots of underpainting showing though and perceived texture makes will make to feel like you’ve got an original painting on your wall.

Cosy corner

30cm x 30cm print
£16.50 (includes p&p)

Collage and clean lines give this print a fresh and funky feel. It will make you want to put a log on the fire and settle down with a book and blanket.

Original acrylic/collage on wooden panel also available.

Well Farm

30cm x 21cm print
£13.50 (includes p&p)

Enjoy the spring colours of the countryside with this semi-abstract lanscape, created with inks and watercolours.

Behind Bridgewater

30cm x 21cm print
£13.50 (includes p&p)

Complement the Well Farm print with this ink painting by my 10-year old daughter. This was chosen by the Royal Academy of Arts to be featured in their Young Artists’ Summer Show 2022.

The Nearly There Trees

24cm x 18cm print
£12 (includes p&p)

Bring back memories of home or holidays with a print of the much-loved copse on the A30 to Cornwall. Print size 24cm x 18cm / image size 18cm x 13cm.

Mount Zion Coffee, St Ives

30cm x 30cm print
£20 (includes p&p)

This is my favourite place for coffee in the world. Mike is a coffee fanatic and that results in the tastiest cup of Joe you’ll ever come across. If you love this place as much as I do, this is the print for you!

Lock 51

8″ x 8″ print
£10 (includes p&p)

It’s a blustery day on the Grand Union canal in Berkhamsted. This print of an atmospheric acrylic painting features collage from the local paper. See if you can spot a word or two to link it to the area…

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