5 things being an Avon rep has taught me about business

Have you ever got a weird idea stuck in your head? A vision of the future that bears no resemblance to your current reality? I used to get it while I nursed a Sunday hangover watching the London Marathon on TV. “That will be me one day,” a voice whispered, years before I eventually tookContinue reading “5 things being an Avon rep has taught me about business”

The 5 Ps for creating a strategy narrative

In a smoke and beer-filled room in Freshers Week I had a revelation. Angels sang and the clouds parted. I’d discovered the meaning of life… And it was communication. I was about to start a communications degree, so you’d think I’d have held this belief for some time. But I’d been under no illusions, tellingContinue reading “The 5 Ps for creating a strategy narrative”