Bringing a painting back to life

I’ve learnt A LOT in the last five years of making art, but the biggest thing is this: The greatest feelings of joy usually come after the biggest moments of despair. This was definitely the case when it came to creating my abstract painting, Rain Down. The plan had been to create a retro-inspired piece,Continue reading “Bringing a painting back to life”

5 things being an Avon rep has taught me about business

Have you ever got a weird idea stuck in your head? A vision of the future that bears no resemblance to your current reality? I used to get it while I nursed a Sunday hangover watching the London Marathon on TV. “That will be me one day,” a voice whispered, years before I eventually tookContinue reading “5 things being an Avon rep has taught me about business”

The 5 Ps for creating a strategy narrative

In a smoke and beer-filled room in Freshers Week I had a revelation. Angels sang and the clouds parted. I’d discovered the meaning of life… And it was communication. I was about to start a communications degree, so you’d think I’d have held this belief for some time. But I’d been under no illusions, tellingContinue reading “The 5 Ps for creating a strategy narrative”