Louis Cecile – Volunteering team, Parkinson’s UK

With a strong cultural awareness of the charity/non-profit sector and communication world, Katie provides immediate results. She is a figurehead for high standards in communication and keeping audiences at the centre. Being highly sociable and warm in character, it leaves me without hesitation to recommend her for consultancy work.

Caren Doodson – Head Teacher, Bridgewater Primary School

Katie has been a real support as the school has transitioned from a middle school to a successful primary school. She’s been willing to give her time freely; she is efficient, creative with her ideas, and the skills she has built up in her roles in non-profit sector and communications world have been instrumental in the school’s development of its marketing and communication systems.

Steve Ford – Chief Executive, Parkinson’s UK

Katie has played a really important role in Parkinson’s UK’s development. She is not afraid to challenge established thinking and is passionate about getting things right. Her clarity of thought and expression has enabled us to communicate our vision in a strong way.