Welcome to The Canvas Crew! We love helping you find time to make art, whether you’re an adult or child. Through our fun and friendly workshops, you’ll find the inspiration and confidence to create something unique!

Our workshops

Lucky dip abstracts

When: Wednesday 3 March, 8pm to 9.15pm
Where: Zoom
How much: £8 per person

Join Katie to create six mini abstract paintings – with a twist! Throughout the session, Katie will pluck prompts out of a hat, guiding what you do randomly, so you never know what direction your painting will go in next! Pour a drink, squeeze out your paints and see what happens…

Canvas Crew Club

When: Wednesdays (from 24 Feb) or Thursdays (from 25 Feb), 4.15pm to 5.15pm
Who: Ages 8+
How much: £25 for 5 sessions

Join our after-school club for a relaxing hour of creativity. Keep scrolling to see some of the children’s fantastic paintings, including stained-glass windows and silver birches!

Creative Catch-ups and Painting Parties

When: At a time convenient to you and your friends – or your child and theirs
Where: Zoom
How much: £8 per family

Creative Catch-ups are the perfect way for friends to spend time together, especially when we can’t be together in person. Here’s how they work.

  • Email us at thecanvascrew@outlook.com to find out which 1.5-hour slots are available.
  • Contact the friends you’d like to invite to agree the time and date. Once you’ve confirmed these details with us, we take it from there.
  • We’ll contact everyone with the Zoom link, and info about what they’ll need and how to pay. We’ll also offer to provide pre-prepared paper.
  • On the day, we’ll spend an hour playing a fun painting game – see Lucky Dip Abstracts above. Then we leave you to catch up properly.

It’s £8 per person, and there’s no extra cost for siblings. If you’re the organiser, you just pay half price as a thank you for getting the ball rolling.

Or get in touch to discuss organising a Painting Party for a special occasion!

“Thank you SO much! That was absolutely fantastic… the girls all loved it! Lockdown birthdays are so strange but my daughter thoroughly enjoyed hers!”

“That was awesome! Thank you so much – the perfect end to her birthday. Happy girls. All the parents texting to say how lovely it is to see them back together doing something creative.”

Past workshops

Pencil Portraits

Colourful Cacti

Stained glass windows

Fantasy front doors

Retro posters

Silver birches