In it to win it

I had a wobble this week. I’m in my second month of freelancing and imposter syndrome had set in. Who did I think I was believing I’d be lucky enough to find new clients, make a decent living, do something I love every day?

Then a chance trip to my local library for a half-term craft session with my kids led me to a book* that screamed “BORROW ME!”. I only had to read as far as the third page before I reached a line that restored my sanity. It read, “The harder you work, the luckier you get”.

I’ve had more than my fair share of luck over the years, the most significant piece being how I met my husband.

If I hadn’t been laying low in my friend’s room while she kissed a boy in the living area of our holiday apartment and picked up her book to read… If I hadn’t joined the ‘cult’ the book was about** and gone to their annual get-together, ‘Karmageddon’… If I hadn’t gone up to one of the real-life characters (after several gins) and told him I’d fallen in love with him when I read the book… If he’d run away… I wouldn’t now have a ring on my finger and two awesome daughters at football camp as I write.

Was it luck, or did it happen because I made and seized an opportunity? One thing I know is that we can’t shut ourselves in a room and expect amazing things to happen out of nowhere. That’s why “yes” is my default answer, whatever the proposition.

For the right numbers to come up, you have to throw the dice.

So will something exciting happen because I read a line in a book and it inspired me to write this blog? Time will tell!

*Find Your Extraordinary by Jessica Herrin
**Join Me by Danny Wallace

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Unsplash

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